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Bathroom Remodeling


  If you think your bathroom is outdated and want to have it completely remodelled, then you need look no further. At Mari's House And Garden, we have a great deal of experience in remodelling bathrooms. We take care of everything, including removing your old fixtures and replacing them to make your bathroom shine.

We provide a comprehensive bathroom remodelling service and can work on every part of your bathroom, from the fixtures to the flooring and wallpaper/tiles. We only work with highly skilled and qualified fitters so you have complete peace of mind that your bathroom will look incredible when it's finished.

The Benefits of Our Bathroom Remodelling Service

  •  High quality materials at low prices – We can import the best quality materials for your bathroom and pass the savings onto you. 
    •  All budgets accounted for – Even if you don't feel you have a particularly high budget for your bathroom, we're often able to accommodate smaller budgets without compromising on quality. 
    • Built to your specifications – We can model your bathroom to your exact specifications so it looks how you imagine and has all the features that you want. 
    • Stylish and durable flooring – Flooring is an incredibly important part of bathroom remodelling. The flooring we supply not only looks great but is also very durable and built for heavy use. 
    • All brands fitted – We have experience fitting all brands of toilets, sinks, showers etc. No matter what type of fittings you desire, we'll be able to install them.

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    If you'd like to discuss a bathroom remodelling project with us, then don't hesitate to get in touch and we can give you more details on the cost and likely length of the job.

    You can either use the contact form on the right, or if you prefer you can call directly on 07454896630.