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    Over time, it's very easy for the grass and concrete in your garden to become worn and damaged. When this happens, it can have a big impact on the appearance of your garden and leave it looking not particularly great.

  Decking provides a way to cover any damaged concrete or uneven ground, whilst also providing a raised seating area in your garden. We have a great deal of experience installing decking at Mari's House And Garden and have worked on projects of all sizes.

The Benefits of Decking

  • Add a rustic and charming look to your garden with traditional wooden decking.
    • Decking is very strong and durable, which means that even with heavy use, it will last for many years.
    • Decking also requires very little maintenance. If you want to retain the wood's vibrant appearance then it's a good idea to polish it a couple of times a year to prevent fading from sunlight. Other than that, you can simply enjoy it without the worry of damage. 
    • Wooden decking is available in a wide variety of shades and shapes, which means you can choose the type that best suits your garden. 
    • Because of the wide variety of wood that can be used, decking is also great for budgets of all sizes. If you have a lot to spend then you can opt for the most expensive, high quality wood but this isn't a requirement.

    What Makes Our Service Different

  • We install decking to the highest possible standards and leave no mess behind when we're finished. 
    • We can source high quality wood at the best prices. 
    • We are always friendly and approachable so you can be sure that any of your ideas will be implemented where possible.

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