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Whether you own your own home or you're renting a property, you want the place where you live to look at its very best. If you've just moved into a new property then there's a good chance that the décor isn't to your tastes. If this is the case then our painting and decorating service will completely transform how your home looks.

We have experience working on all types of properties, from small studio appartments to large manor houses. This means we're able to easily assess your home and see exactly what's needed to accomplish your vision.

How it works

Below are the steps involved when you hire us to work on a project -

  • You let us know the budget you have available and what your expectations are
  • We look round your property and discuss options with you as well as giving advice on what steps can be taken before the project begins
  • We let you know what we're able to accomplish and when whilst keeping within your budget

What Makes Our Painting & Decorating Service Different

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  • We cover all your furnishings and floors with dust covers to ensure that nothing gets

damaged while we're working

  • If any wallpaper is peeling or damaged then we can repair or replace it
  • We can repair any cracks on walls and ceilings
  • We can repair any type of woodwork by sanding out imperfections or making other necessary repairs
  • We always apply two coats of paint, whether it's on ceilings or walls, to ensure complete coverage
  • When painting woodwork, we always apply an undercoat first and then the paint of your choice on top
  • We provide the highest level of service whatever the size of the project is

Get in Touch         

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If you'd like to hire Mari's House And Garden to work on your painting and decorating project then don't hesitate to get in touch.

 We offer our services to anyone in London or the surrounding areas, and sometimes further afield for larger projects.

 To request a quote, simply get in touch by using the contact form on the right of the page.

 Alternatively you can email us at or call us directly on 07454896630. We'd love to hear from you!